An essential fly killer, a Plastic Fly trap to help you

Nowadays, people’s living standards have improved, and they are gradually moving to green oxygen bars such as urban parks, residential green Spaces, and surrounding countryside for leisure and fitness. Careful visitors will notice that in the past, the garden maintenance methods that often use chemical drugs to control pests and diseases have been greatly reduced, in order to protect the urban ecological balance and reduce environmental pollution, pests and diseases have gradually changed to biological control

One: The principle of insect traps

Insects can sense light waves through the photoreceptor cells in the visual organs (compound and single eyes) and produce taxis to fly to the light source, that is, phototaxis in insects. At the same time, insects capture some special chemicals scattered in the air through some chemical receptors in their antennae or other parts, such as insect sex pheromones and aggregins, which will also produce a convergent response.

Insects have positive and negative differences in the taxis of light, color, and chemical substances, and can not only recognize color light, but also see short waves of light that the human eye cannot see. Using this principle of insect tendency, people have developed equipment such as black light lamp, trap board and pheromone trap to catch insects for pest prediction and control.

  1. Traps using the principle of phototaxis

According to the principle of phototaxis, various lamp traps have experienced the development of ordinary light, black light, frequency vibration lamp and other stages. With the application of solar energy, electronic technology, etc., and the richness of lamp types, the technology is intelligent research and development of remote control.

Due to the light trapping of pests to kill at the same time, will also kill some of the natural enemies of pests or other harmless insects, in order to improve the trapping effect, reduce the damage to biodiversity, people began to use different spectral trapping lamps for different insects, accurately lock the target pests for detection or trapping, to maximize the killing of pests, protect beneficial insects.

  1. Trap using the principle of chromism

The application of color taxis is mainly the use of different colors of color plates and other materials emitted by different wavelengths of color light to attract pests. Armyworm color board is simple to make, using armyworm agent or armyworm glue coated on a specific color plastic sheet, and then hanging to trap pests. Yellow armyworm plates are often used in practical applications.

  1. Traps using the chemotactic principle

The initial application of chemotaxis was to use insects to trap the taxis of sugar, wine, vinegar and other odors. With the study of the interaction between insect species, insect pests and plant crops, insect pheromones and other information chemicals have been discovered and used.

TWO: The development trend of insect traps

The development of insect traps is from simple to complex, from single function to multi-function, from ordinary trapping to intelligent instrument detection and trapping, accurate, efficient, fast and intelligent.

With the wide application of insect traps in the monitoring and control of garden pests, the labor cost is greatly reduced, the ecological environment is protected, and the research of traps is also developing in the direction of energy saving, emission reduction, cost saving and efficiency, and Internet intelligence.