Pantry Moth Glue Trap With Pheromones—NRTG027P

Item No.:NRTG027P

Material:Cardboard with a pheromone


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Product Name Pantry Moth Glue Trap With Pheromones
Item No. NRTG027P
Material Cardboard with a pheromone
Size 29.5*11cm



  • LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE: The bottom line is that “these traps work”. Our traps contain a premium pheromone attractant mixed with glue that attracts male moths which then stick to the trap so they can’t mate with the females. The result is an end to the hungry larva that eat your food!
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC PROTECTION FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY: Feel secure knowing that these non-toxic pantry moth traps are capturing and killing the moths in your pantry while being safe for your family
  • EASY TO USE: Our superior pheromones are built right into our sticky pad to maximize the attraction – no skinny pheromone strips to bother with! Just fold the trap into a triangle and place in your pantry.