Rodent Bait Station for Plastic Tray Glue Trap-NRBS015

Item No.:NRBS015



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Item No. NRBS015
Material Plastic
Size 29.2*15*9.5cm
Application Raticide; Plastic Tray Glue Board
Packing Details QTY 12pcs
N.W 5.8kgs
G.W 6.3kgs
MEAS 59*30.2*33cm



  1. Using brand new plastic, special design for plastic tray rat glue boards
  2. Prevent humans and pets from contacting bait and glue traps, and reduce non-target animals eating and touching by mistake.
  3. Effectively isolate the medicine and glue traps from the environment to avoid environmental pollution.


How to Use:

  1. Put rat poison or plastic tray rat glue trap in the bait station
  2. Simply close the lid, it will lock automatically.
  3. Place the stations in locations of the rodent activity. Since rodents travel along walls, place these bait stations with the entry holes close to the wall.
  4. Use the key to open the bait station.



 Applicable places

 Food and beverage factories, hotels, school hospitals, community squares, hydropower stations and other places.