Wood Board Mouse Glue Trap Board-NRTG060

Item No.:  NRTG060

Size:          25*15 cm

Packing:   2pcs/pack;48pcs/ctn


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Wood Mouse Glue Trap Factory Manufacturer Supplier

Item No. NRTG060
Material Wood+Glue
Size 25*15 cm
Smell Peanut/Butter/Vanilla/Customized
Packing Details Packing 2pcs/pack;48pcs/ctn
N.W 11kgs
G.W 12kgs
Carton Size 36.5×31×26cm

Strong adhesive, no escape once be trapped.
We use the high quality adhesive, this kind of glue won’t dry no matter exposure or rain.
Non-toxic,odorless, harmless and eco-friendly.
Multi-functional – these glue traps are also suitable for trapping cockroaches or other insects.
The card design can be customised.

1.Open the board and place it on where rats usually appear, dispose of it once catching the rat.
2.Put more traps if the place is rat-infested.Fix it on the floor if necessary.
3.For better effect, you can use it with bait.

1.Aviod exposing the trap under the sunlight or getting touch with water so as to ensure the effect. If touching water, use it
after making it dry.