Copper Slug Tape—NRTG117

Item No.:NRTG117


Thickness:0.05/0.06mm or Customized

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Product Name Copper Slug Tape
Item No. NRTG117
Material Copper
Thickness 0.05/0.06mm or Customized



  • Molluscs and More: Copper tape is a great way to keep those pesky slugs and snails away from your garden plants.
  • EMI Defense: Our Copper Tape conductive adhesive is a simple and effective solution for EMI Shielding. Copper shielding tape for guitars is perfect for removing any interference & buzzing sounds from electrical devices.
  • Stained Glass Framing: Solder doesn’t stick to glass so use our copper foil tape for stained glass, it’s the perfect copper tape for soldering those edge and surfaces for a good looking and practical finish
  • Highly Conductive: Our copper foil tape with conductive adhesive uses a highly conductive material with low resistance, so every electrical project is easy whether you use it as copper circuit tape or Faraday tape, we got you covered