Fly Control—KDFT012

Item No.:KDFT012


Size: 6*12cm

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Product Name Yellow Plastic Fly Trap
Item No. KDFT012
Material Plastic
Size 6*12cm
Color Yellow



  1. Practical trap head, used with mineral water bottles commonly used in the market.
  2. Simple to use, obvious effect, more cost-effective. It is a good choice for home, farm, orchard.
  3. The fruit fly attractant, mainly used for fruit flies, Bactrocera dorsalis, and bee bees brought by fruit on fruit trees and melon plants.



  1. Attractant: Cut the attractant and drop the attractant onto the white trap of the trap. One can drop 2-3 bottles separately, then hang up, hang 1-1.5 meters high, hang the branches or the outside of the fruit. . It is recommended to hang about 10 acres on an acre.
  2. Drosophila granules: Cut the package and pour the granules into the inner lid of the bottle. One pack can use 3-5 bottles. The effect is obvious with the attractant.