Mouse Glue Trap—NRTG501-1

Item No.:NRTG501



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Product Name Mouse Glue Trap
Item No. NRTG501
Material Plastic+Glue
Size 25*13cm
Packing 2pcs/box,;48boxes/ctn

Mouse Glue Trap Features:

1.Plastic board is also suitable for moisture environment and not easily deformed.

2.Strong adhesive,no escape once be trapped.

3.We use the high quality adhesive, so the glue won’t dry both exposure and rain

4.Non-toxic,odorless, harmless and eco-friendly.

5.Multi-functional – these glue traps are also suitable for trapping cockroaches

or other insects.



1.Open slowly with both hands and place it on where rats usually appear, put under sink, back of appliances, garbage areas,
dispose of it once catching the rat.

2.Put more traps if the place is rat-infested.Fix it on the floor if necessary.

3.For best results,place some bread crumbs cheese, fried fish ect. at the center to attract mouse and rats.