Outdoor Pest Repeller—KDPS022

Item No.   KDPS022

Size:          9*8*38.5cm

Packing:   2PCS/ BOX ,28PCS/CTN

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Item No. KDPS022
Material ABS +PVC
Power Supply Solar
Product Size 9*8*38.5cm
Color Black
Effective Range 150m²
Function Ultrasonic,Sound Waves And Vibration
Packing Details Box Size 12*12*39.5CM
Packing 2PCS/ BOX ,28PCS/CTN
N.W 5.2KG
G.W 5.85KG
Carton Size  40*30*87CM

Working Principle:

A device powered by solar energy, making use of sound waves and vibration to repel harmful rodents (moles, voles, snakes etc.) The sound waves will irritate them, simulate danger, and repel them away from the irradiated area.

Direction for Use

1.Dig a hole and put the device in it , the top is about 10 cm(3.9in) away from the ground, and install one every 5-8 meters(16-26ft)

2.The density of the soil will greatly affect the effect of the device. Frozen soil and ground flooding for irrigation are not suitable.

3.Do not use a hammer when installing. No need to install forcefully, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

Application farm,garden,yard,lawn


Using solar power, it’s environmentally friendly

Long-lasting ,economical

Easy to use, wireless,

Waterproof and UV resistant

No impact on the ecosystem.


1.The bottom of the top should be exposed to the outside,

2.Before the use,make sure the device is exposed the solar panels for two days for a full charge.Ensure the switch is in the off position while charging

3.Send a sound wave every 34 seconds